Have you ever been on a halal holiday and noticed a foreign word that made you smile? There’s no doubt about it, the world is home to plenty of funny names, especially when you consider that we have roughly 6,500 different languages scattered around the globe. 
One thing that may not be as common is funny airport names! Most of the time when travelling through airports we’re too focused on A. not missing our flight, B. not losing our luggage, or C. looking for ways to pass the time. Because of this, we often miss out on the things that are right in front of us, and could potentially give us a good laugh and an amusing past time.
To help spread some light on the rather dull travel season, we’ve searched high and low to bring you 10 of the funniest airport names to put a smile on your face. The next time you’re travelling to one of the below, we’re sure you’ll find yourself telling your friends that you’ve got a great joke in store for them!

BAT - Batman, Turkey

Yup, you read that right! Batman is a large provincial town in Turkey and is considered a rather pleasant place to live. Though it’s not home to many popular tourist sites, and there aren’t many visitors passing by, it’s a modern-day city making it a peaceful and safe place to leave. So how is Batman a funny airport? Well, it’s Airport code is BAT! Definitely, something that would make you look twice when reading your ticket!


EEK - Eek Airport, USA

Do you know of someone who goes ‘Eek!’ when they get over-excited? We personally don’t, but we know an airport that does! Eek airport, code EEK is a state-owned public airport serving the city of Eek in Alaska. It’s home to a population of just over 300! 


SCC - Deadhorse Airport, USA

An airport, that if we’re honest, doesn’t sound enticing to visit can be found in the state of Alaska. Deadhorse Airport, code name SCC, is a public airport in Deadhorse on the North Slope of Alaska. It is near Prudhoe Bay and is sometimes also called Prudhoe Airport. What is with Alaska and funny airport names?


MFA - Mafia Airport, Tanzania

Funny or scary? We all know what comes to mind when we hear the word ‘Mafia’ so imagine hearing the flight attendant announce “We are now about to land at Mafia Airport”, without knowing about it in advance! Mafia Airport, code MFA, is home to Tanzania, and believe it or not, it sits nicely 17 kilometres of the Tanzanian Coast on Mafia Island! Now that’s one airport and island you won’t want to mess about with!


YGY - Deception Island, Canada

From funny, scary, to having trust issues, does Deception Airport sound like an airport you’d want to visit? While its name may not sound trustworthy, the remote airport Northern Quebec, Canada is an important hub for local mining industries and air cargo. Oh and if Deception Airport isn’t enough, it’s also good to know it’s situated on Deception Bay. If this airport is making you feel uneasy, wait till you see the next!


DGB - Danger Bay Airport, USA

By now we’re pretty used to Alaska and their funny airport names, but this time, we smell danger! And by danger, we’re talking about Danger Bay airport, another airport that’s either going to make you smile or cringe! 



DOH - Doha Airport, Qatar

You may be wondering why we’ve got Doha airport on our list, but once you see its code name we think you’ll find yourself smiling. We know, it’s not that hilarious, but doh! Who isn’t going to smile when they see DOH written all over your ticket? 


POO - Pocos De Caldas, Brazil

Are we allowed to say this one? The airport Embaixador Walther Moreira Salles is the airport serving Poços de Caldas, Brazil and was named after Walter Moreira Salles, a banker and philanthropist. The airport code? Well, we'll just leave it here...


OZP - Moron Airport, Spain

Talk about being rude?! Moron Aiport can be found in Sevilla, Spain and is actually a Military aiport serving the Spanish Air Force and the United States Air Force. While it's name isn't the most welcoming, it's not an airport you'll likely fly into.


USL - Useless Loop Airport, Australia

We can't decide what's worse, being called a Moron or Useless? Useless Loop Aiport can be found in Useless Loop, a town on the Heirisson Prong on Denham Sound in the Southern Region of UNESCO World Heritage Site Shark Bay. If you go by the reviews you'll find on Google, well, let's just say the airport's name says it all!