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Name: Ikhlas Hussain 

About: Faith, Fashion, Life, Love

Focusing on topics such as faith, fashion, life and love, The Muslim Girl, also known as Ikhlas Hussain, is a successful blogger whose website will truly inspire female Muslims. Ikhlas’ colourful site is full of entertaining and inspiring blogs that aim to spread awareness of topics that many women come across on a day to day basis. Describing herself as ‘a regular girl who wants to live life beautifully and modestly in the 21st century, no matter what challenges lifethrows at her”, she’s definitely worth the follow if you’re looking for inspiring advice with a slice of womanly wisdom.


Name: Sawsan 

About : Food blogger

Looking to put together the perfect halal dish? Sawsan’s website has everything you need! A food blogger who focuses on easy authentic Middle Eastern recipes, her site is perfect for food lovers looking for creative ways to spice up their dishes. Currently living in the UAE, Sawsan has put together a whole list of delicious recipes perfect for any occasion. From appetizers to main meals, kid’s food and dips, desserts and pastries, plus a whole lot more, anyonelooking to get busy in the kitchen will find the ‘Chef inDisguise’ a gift sent from above with her simple yet satisfying recipes.



Name Farrukh Naeem Qadri

Tech lovers and those looking to try the latest gadgets and devices need to give Farrukh a follow. A lover of gadgets and travel, Farrukh, who is currently based in Abu Dhabi, is an inspiring freelance copywriter, journalist and social media consultant and is always creating crazy new content covering a range of topics. Enjoy keeping up to date with the latest gadgets, getting to know the ins and outs of social media, advertising, marketing, and entrepreneurship, all while learning the latest on what technology to use. Follow Farrukh and find out how you too can become a digital sensation alongside an inspiring freelancer.



Name Zain and Huda

About:Travelling- have travelled to more than 200 cities and are
still counting. They have an original bucket list of 200 Muslim friendly activities which they are trying to finish.

Travellers looking to create their own bucket list or simply explore a new destination will want to follow Zain and Huda as they go on a journey to complete their travel bucket list. Known as the ‘Muslim Travellers’, the two enthusiastic travellers have put together the ultimate Muslim-friendly bucket list that they’ve almost completed! Alongside great travel trips and guides, lists of halal hotels across the globe, and a whole range of travel related blogs, these two aredefinitely worth following. Hopon and join the ride as you travel the world with the Muslim Travellers to accomplish their goals, and be inspired to start to planning your next journey to accomplish your travel dreams.