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The halal friendly country of Mauritius is a popular holiday destination for Muslim travellers of all ages. Those looking for a paradise like island where the sun always shines, and the white sugary sand goes on for miles will find their dream halal holiday at the heart of the Indian Ocean. 
Offering a selection of fun packed activities, adventures, and unlimited water sports, Mauritius is the place to be if you're looking to take a step back and retreat from the busy hustle and bustle of the everyday world. A haven for guests that want to explore the underwater world, expect picture perfect sceneries down below as you enjoy snorkeling, diving, surfing, and more.
Depending on your halal holiday agenda, you may want to sit back and enjoy one of our many luxury retreats, or opt for something a bit more adventurous where the people never sleep. Perfect for halal honeymooners, individual travellers, and families, Mauritius has something for everyone no matter where abouts on the island you go. 
From luscious green scenery to delicious fresh seafood’s, to warm glistening waters and friendly hospital able locals, your stay in Mauritius will be one out of a dream. The scenic views and luxuries awaiting will take your breath away, just as our carefully handpicked hotels and resorts will provide you with all your everyday needs and requests.

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  • Time Difference: GMT + 4 hours
  • Capital: Port Louis
  • Currency: Mauritius Rupee
  • Flying Time from the UK: 12 hours direct
  • Visa: Not required for UK citizens
  • Our Highlight: Swimming with the dolphins

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Port Louis - The capital of Mauritius, and a buzzing city that is full of cultural and historical treasures, this busy cosmopolitan is a great spot to explore before heading off to retreat at your halal hotel. Port Louis is the business capital of the island and offers a selection of museums, shopping centers, waterfront restaurants, theatres and more for those looking to get to know the paradise like island before exploring the real hidden beauty. 
Chamarel - A small village located in the distract of Savanne, Charamel is a popular tourist attraction for Muslim travellers looking to explore the true beauty of Mother Nature. From the highest waterfall in Mauritius at that stands at 100 metres and the breathtaking Seven Coloured Earths, it's here you'll see sand dunes of different distinct colours such as reds, browns, and purples, that are truly breathtaking. 
Château de Labourdonnais - The perfect place to get to know the nineteenth century Mauritian lifestyle, the Château de Labourdonnais is situated in the heart of a splendid natural estate. Take a step back in time as you discover the brilliantly restored majestic mansion which was built in 1859, a place that provides a unique experience for all its visitors. It's also here you'll have the opportunity to taste the true Mauritian halal cuisine that will, without a doubt, be a delight!

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7 reasons Mauritius is great for Muslim Travellers

Marine Life in the Maldives is something out of this world. The vibrant underwater world is perfect for snorkelling and diving.

Foodie heaven for Muslim travellers. They are plenty of delicious seafood and halal friendly dishes waiting to satisfy your cravings in the Maldives.

Culture and hospitality in the Maldives is one of the many reasons your stay will be an enjoyful one. The locals and staff among some of the friendliest you'll meet.

Beaches in every corner of the Maldives offer white sugary sand and crystal clear waters. Prepare to be taken away by the pristine beaches and luscious waters.

Language is not a problem in the Maldives. Being the popular tourist hub it, most people will be able to speak English especially in the main tourist spots.

Mosques Mosques are plentiful in the Maldives. With Islam being the official religion of the country, Muslim guests will have easy access to prayer.

Access to the islands and beaches is pretty easy. Remember you can book your regional and domestic flights right here on this site!

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Best for halal dining

Maradiva : If you're a foodie and plan to make your halal holiday all about dining and good food, then the Maradiva is for you. This beautfiul resort offers delicious halal cuisine, with plenty of mouth watering culinary experiences to choose from. Mediterranean flavors, Asian cuisines or even refined Indian fusion cuisine, you decide.

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Best for Private Pools

Maradiva : The breathtaking resort of Maradiva is a luxury getaway perfect for Muslim honeymooners looking to enjoy a romantic getaway. Featuring private pools, 24 hour butler services, romantic sceneries, private dining, and a ton of extra special luxuries you won't find just anywhere, this gem in Mauritius should be one at the top of your honeymoon destination list.

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Best for Muslim Honeymooners

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Best for Muslim Families

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