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Halal Dining

As a Muslim traveller, Tunisia is a perfect halal-holiday spot as you won’t have difficulties discovering halal food since almost 99% of Tunisia’s population are Muslim, making your key focus here to relax and simply enjoy as much of Tunisia’s broad range of cuisine as possible!

Tunisian cuisine represents its Northern African central location, blending African and French flavours. Couscous is the national dish of Tunisia, and you can have it served with fish, chicken, vegetables, or even lamb. The Souks are a brilliant place to find fresh local delicacies sold from street food vendors, not only true Tunisian food but affordable too!

Sandy Beaches

Not only are the beaches abundant with luxuriously soft sand, but the country also has and a thousand-kilometre Mediterranean coastline, so finding somewhere more secluded couldn’t be easier than in Tunisia. Not to mention one of the resorts here we have guaranteed a modest swimwear section of the beach, we will refer back to this later on in more detail. Also known as Tunisia’s version of St-Tropez, the beaches here are spacious and calm, allowing you to bask in the much-needed respite you’ve been searching for.

Friendly People

When travelling the people who welcome you to your destination makes such a difference to your trip. The locals of Tunisia are friendly and accommodating they mostly speak English and many are happy to help and assist tourists visiting. Enjoy their charm mirroring this bountiful country.

Modest Swimwear Beaches

At Rihaala we have managed to gain our own ‘Rihaala Beach” where rules will be enforced that this part of the shore is accessible to anyone as long as they abide modest clothing rules, just another idealist feature of this halal-holiday destination. We also have this rule in two hotels with indoor pools. Making keeping modest while travelling easy. With a mostly Muslim destination means ease of Muslim lifestyle is guaranteed making prayer halal food and modest clothing common and easily accessible.

Warm Waters

Tunisia bordering the Mediterranean means the waters are warm, with temperatures as high as 28 degrees in summer and very rarely lower than 16 degrees in the winter. Making swimming and water activities all of all types far more common and enjoyable, perfect for Muslim families with children to entertain and halal honeymooners hoping to bond over a range of activities together. 

Alcohol-Free Bars

Our hotel” has around ten beach bars in its complex one of these will be completely alcohol-free offering still a range of drinks from smoothies to carbonated drinks with no question of alcoholic options or contamination. An ideal option for Muslim couples hoping to relax by the beach and enjoy a drink together without worry on there halal-holiday.


For those not too keen on very hot weather try visiting Tunisia later on in the year as with highs of 17-26 degrees from October through to December its ideal for those wanting to escape the cold, but not be too hot! In this period it is warm but more bearable for those preferring cool breezes alongside sunshine and lowered temperatures. The weather here is fairly constant therefore allowing Tunisia to be a year-round destination in terms of climate. From May until October is when the swimming season runs and the sea can get as warm as 28°C.

Summer Holidays

A wonderful summer holiday destination with sea and sunshine, historical charm and so many experiences to try from shopping the souks to scuba diving its many Coral reefs, this is the perfect destination to keep you busy for weeks! Such as visit our One Resort Aquapark for a family of four for a week in July 2020 for just £2489 in total including accommodation and flights all inclusive! Head to now with a current early booking discount!

Great Value

We have a range of brilliant hotel deals, for Muslim families and couples and solo travellers. All year round! The cost of staying here beyond our prices is extremely affordable.

An example of how low cost a day could take a single on public transport is as low as 14p (0.50 Tunisian Dinar), then to grab a coffee just 59p, head to local shops and milk would only cost 33p and a range of other key essentials such as most fruit below 50p. Head out for a quick bite for around £2 (a casual cafe meal) but in the evening why not head for a traditional Tunisian meal three-course meal with your other half for just £10! Experience the Tunisian culture and cuisine without breaking the bank, when visiting Tunisia with Rihaala in 2020.

See the infographic to the right for examples of how far your money will go on your travels to and around Tunisia.

The Sahara

The Sahara takes up about 30% of the area of Africa and is the largest desert on Earth, The scale is also about the same as that of the United States of America! In addition to ticking off another to-do bucket list, visiting the Sahara Desert honestly feels like entering another earthly realm as it is vast in size. The landscape is breathtaking, one you have to option to travel across; via jeep or camel of course! 

Islamic Architecture

 Tunisia is bursting with culture, the Sidi Okba Mosque of Karaouin, built-in 670 holds a rich history and has been renovated many times since then showing years of Islamic architecture in its roots. Colourful rugs blanket every part of the floor within as this amazing historical capsule remains to be visited; A perfect halal-holiday for culture and history lovers, but also for Muslims families aiding teaching young children more about the history and culture within Tunisia.

Star Wars Fanclub

For a brilliant family experience visit the many abandoned sets of star wars dotted around Tunisia! The stark desert landscapes look rather out of this world as it is, but a galaxy far, far away is a lot closer than we may think. Four of the original Star Wars films were shot in Tunisia and it’s been said director George Lukas didn’t change much to the landscapes and these remain to be visited, a brilliant activity for families and any movie fans! 

Shopping in the Souks

Souks are scattered around almost everywhere in Tunisia. One of the best souks is The “Medina Souk” based in Central Tunis. Souks are markets selling anything from spices to pottery to gold and silver accessories. You can make good use of your haggling skills in Tunisia. Haggling is very popular, whether you are at a souk market or in a store.

If you want to haggle like a local, it’s welcomed as part of the experience, however, be a responsible tourist and remember that many of the market sellers are simply earning a living. Try not to offend by offering ridiculously low amounts and pay what you can afford. Much like walking into a maze, the busy souk lanes all intertwine withholding multiple stalls for you to browse, an array of colours and the smell of fresh food and spices your senses will be overloaded in the best way possible.

Also, an excellent way to get the kids submerged in the culture, by sending them to find a range of items from any stalls depending on age, encouraging them to haggle and get the best deals also encouraging them to explore with some independence.

Roman Ruins

Roman Africa was the core of agriculture of the roman empire, shipping olives and seeds across-shore. Impressively complete ruins remain dotted around the whole terrain of Tunisia, as well as key monuments and parts of the rich ancient city. These remain far less visited and tampered with than many other, arguably far more valuable sights than those in Rome and around Italy in general.

Ichkeul National Park

The Ichkeul lake and wetland are a major stopover point for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, such as ducks, geese, storks and pink flamingos, who come to feed and nest there. Ichkeul is the last remaining lake in a chain that once extended across North Africa. Ichkeul is one of the few parks in the world where 3 international environmental agreements are covered. There are about 50,000 tourists to the National Park per year, we encourage this natural occurring sight, to appreciate the natural beauty Tunisia has to offer.

Diving in its many coral reefs

It’s time to explore the vivid underwater world of Tunisia and it’s easy to understand why you would like to spend weeks on its beautiful beaches; enjoying the warm weather and everlasting coastline! The clear waters, vivid coral reefs and abundant marine life make the dives unforgettable. Tunisia has several great diving spots, but the top spot has to go to Tabarka coastal town. To dive in Tunisia we highly recommend as a wholesome family experience but we feel all Muslim travellers would benefit from the experience. With the country of mostly Muslim majority, enjoy wearing your burkini and dive right in!

Great for Kids

Tunisia is great chocie of halal-holiday for Muslim families with as above mentioned multiple beaches and rich history is perfect to keep the kids entertained! Many of our hotels hold well-equipped kids clubs which can allow parents to take time to relax in the modest wear pools where the kids are supervised while enjoying a range of activities, everybody wins! For older kids villages such as Sidi Bou is “Insta-worthy,” to say the least: a sea of aesthetically pleasing bright blue and white houses and streets, their Instagram feed swill be close to perfect!

Tunisian Art culture

Most of the country’s older art came from China, Spain, Persia, and the Near East influences, creating the style known as Arabesque. Tunisian artists are renowned for their mosaics, tiles and pottery. A visit to the spectacular Bardo Museum in the capital Tunis is one of the best overviews of Tunisian history and culture here you get the opportunity to visit artists in their studios; is a more intimate way to immerse yourself in their art.