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At Rihaala, we’re a strong believer of Responsible Travel, and luckily for us, we’ve been able to partner up with a handful of amazing hotels and resorts that are on the same page as us. When travelling abroad, we want to encourage our Muslim travellers to be conscious during their everyday adventures and keep responsible travel in mind. While there are plenty of ways both Muslim couples and families can take part in being responsible, there are also eco-friendly hotels and resorts that have gone out of their way to do the same.

Below we’ve featured a selection of eco-friendly hotels and resorts that aim to give back to the world even in the simplest of ways. Whether it be by recycling, using eco-friendly products, or even helping spread awareness, there are plenty of ways to be responsible while abroad, and these hotels have pretty much aced it. If you want to give back to Mother Nature and help protect our world from the various damages us humans have caused and continue to do, then staying at one of the below will mean you’re already apart of the responsible travel crew! Check out what Rihaala has in store for you, and help spread the word, because being a responsible traveller doesn’t cause any extra hard work. 

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