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Emerged in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has 115 islands with each of them having a distinct charm and appeal. The infrastructure is well-developed and geared particularly towards the travelers. Be it divers or honeymooners, sailors or sports enthusiasts, nature lovers or introverts – Seychelles is never short of interesting offerings even for halal-friendly travels. 
Several travelers have presented the archipelago of Seychelles through postcards, but none of it justifies the unparalleled beauty of the natural views you see with your naked eyes. These cards will expose you to the islands' wealth, including the coconut trees, serene beaches, and attention-grabbing wildlife, which will give you a unique experience of being close to nature.
The climate of these small islands is prone to marine influences, but there is little variation with the weather remaining humid during most parts of the year. The best time to visit is from May through November when you will be welcomed by the southeast trade winds blowing regularly. The favorable weather makes it the ideal go-to place for Muslims on any Islamic holiday or halal honeymoon.
There is a very good reason that the word ‘paradise’ is quite often used in descriptions of Seychelles. The area has seen minimum natural hazards as the islands lie outside the hurricane and cyclone belts. It is free from serious diseases like Malaria and has little to no crime rate. The pirates have also long departed, leaving their treasures for diligent explorers.

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  • Time Difference: GMT + 4 hours
  • Capital: Mahe
  • Currency: Seychelles Rupee
  • Flying Time from the UK: 10 hours 30 mins
  • Visa: Not required for UK citizens
  • Our Highlight: Meeting a giant Aldabra Tortoise

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Mahe is in history and culture, and offers a deep insight into the traditions and national heritage of Seychelles. It takes back to Victorian times with its colonial architecture and colorful markets. The coastline is dotted with luxurious resorts as well as affordable hotel options. Mahe receives more rain than many other islands, but the showers don’t last long and make this otherwise monotonous sparse ocean destination a jewel in Seychelles.
Praslin is an absolute joy thanks to its lush tropical forests and white sandy beaches. The famous names like Anse Geogette and Anse Lazio frequently make it to the list of most beautiful beaches in the world. In the southern part of the island, a large area is designated to the Praslin National Park. For the avid adventurers, it is the top place in Seychelles to enjoy a good golf game in the 18-hole golf course.
La Digue is the smallest of the three main islands, which makes it a perfect choice for the people who are looking for seclusion and some private time. If you want a relaxed vibe on a picturesque beach with just a little touch of local life, this should be at the top of your list of must-visit places in Seychelles during your halal holidays. While the island offers a limited number of attractions as compared to Mahe and Praslin, it still flaunts the most beautiful beach in the country – Anse Source d’Argent.
Labriz is an amalgamation of all the possible beautiful sights which have been spell-binding the travelers for centuries. The meandering rivers, rich forests, rocky cliffs, and breathtaking valleys are an absolute delight for a wanderer who would want to escape the world while being surrounded with luxurious amenities. You can unleash your adventurous side as well, thanks to experiences like hiking, fishing, and watersports.


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6 Reasons Seychelles is a Delight for Muslim Travelers

Privacy - There are multiple resorts which provide private pools and spaces for the families. A Muslim traveler will enjoy all the perks since there is no compromise on privacy.
Halal Food - Most of the resorts have halal food options on their menu except a few. If you choose your hotels wisely, there would be no problem in getting scrumptious food items, which are perfectly okay for you to eat.
Diversity - The population is an eclectic mix given the immigrations from both sides of the Indian Ocean. Doesn’t matter from which part of the world you are, you will feel welcomed in the country.
Indiscrimination - Every Friday, the local government dedicates 15 minutes of broadcasting to the local Muslim community. This shows that there is tolerance in society making it easier for Muslim travelers to move around.
Mosques - You can use an app or any online tool to find a mosque near you. Since Mahe is the largest and the most populated island in the country, it is easier to find a place to pray here.
Activities - There are multiple adventurous beach and water activities which can be enjoyed by the Muslims in Seychelles, and the ladies can swim in their burkinis on the beach.

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Best for halal dining

The H Resort - This resort is known for its charming hospitality and exclusive gourmet feasts which are halal-friendly for Muslim travellers. The chefs take time to prepare every meal so that only the best reaches the table with every bite giving a delightful experience. You can choose from 7 different restaurants, each providing exquisite cuisine and a distinct fabulous view.

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Best for Private Pools

The Banyan Tree - Your halal friendly stay is going to be an absolute treat because of the eccentric private pools available at Banyan Tree, Seychelles. The serene environment, beautiful clear waters of the Indian Ocean, and tropical sky seem more appealing because of the private environment provided by the resort to every guest.


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Best for Muslim Honeymooners

Constance Lemuria - If you want the perfect blend of luxury and nature to surround you, look no further than the Constance Lemuria. The resort was recently renovated with a modern design approach allowing the guests to indulge in the finest cuisine and spa treatments. All the suites and villas are equipped with a splendid view and are the epitome of comfort.


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Best for Muslim Families

Constance Ephilia - The elegant and spacious suites and villas are well-suited for families. The Constance Kids Club has fully trained coordinators who will lead the children through the wonderful island. The exploration includes culinary trips, scavenger hunts, and other interesting activities to keep the children entertained while you pamper yourself with a soothing spa experience.


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