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One of the most popular tourist destinations for Muslim travellers of all ages, Asia is home to vibrant colours,  delicious cuisine, adventurous activities, and warm and welcoming people. Home to some of the most busiest cities in the world, travellers can expect to witness skyscrapers, shopping malls, great bargains, and a whole lot more! Being a relatively cheap holiday getaway compared to many other destination, those travelling from the Middle East, Europe, and America will be amazed and how cheap not only accommodation, but food, clothes, and activities can be.
Offering halal friendly destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, the Philippines, and Thailand, Asia is the perfect Muslim holiday for those looking to enjoy everything there is being offered! Whether you’re in need of a beach getaway, a trek through the jungle, a hike up the mountains, or a tour of the city, wherever you go in Asia you’ll find something that will steal your mind, heart, and soul. Being the largest and busiest continent in the world, be prepared to mingle with the locals, meet other tourists, and simply enjoy the company of others. In Asia everyone is always more than willing to help, so don’t be surprised if the simplest of people who don’t understand you the most, are the one’s that will offer a helping hand. 

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