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1. A R R I V E A T T H E A I R P O R T S U P E R E A R L Y

It’s better to be early than sorry. Missing your flight is the worst way to start a holiday (and also a very expensive way too!). Take a worst case scenario approach and have an hour extra to wait at the airport, you could always treat yourself to airport,lounge access!

2 F L Y N O N S T O P W H E N E V E R P O S S I B L E

When it comes to bad weather, the likelihood of a delayed departure due to fog or snow for example is pretty high. This can sometimes have a knock-on effect to connecting flights.

3 F L Y I N G W I T H A. C O N N E C T I O N

If you have to fly with a connection,make sure to keep an eye on the layover times. It’s best to space out your flights arrival and next departure if you’re connecting during the winter months. Avoid the 45 minute turn arounds and give yourself 3-4 hours to plan for a delayed departure.

4 C H E C K T H E W E A T H E R

Don’t wait till the last minute to adjust your travel plans, and always have a plan B. If the day of your departure predicts bad weather, consider travelling to the airport ahead of time.

5 F I L L U P Y O U R T A N K

Being stuck in traffic or a poor weatheris not great. What’s worse is running out of petrol. Make sure to safely secure a few extra liters of petrol for your journey and also for when you get back!

6. K E E P Y O U R D E V I C E S C H A R G E D

Remember to charge up all your devices prior to leaving home, and consider investing in a power bank or extra battery supply.

7. F O L L O W. T H E A I R L I N E. A N D A I R P O R T S O N S O C I A L M E D I A

Many airports and airlines post speedyupdates to their social media feeds, particularly Twitter, so it’s best to follow them. This allows you to receive airline alerts and flight updates in real time.

8. T A K E O U T T R A V E L. I N S U R A N C E

Sunlight is a good friend. Not only does it help fill up on Vitamin D, but the psychological effect of being in the sunlight has a positive effect on the body. Imagine sitting the middle of the centre row for 10 hours!