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Choco Craze-Brussels

When I found out there was a city that hasa museum dedicated to chocolate, well, I just had to take some time out of my busy schedule to find out more. So after a short Eurostar journey, I was in Brussels, the home of the dark gold.


The Le Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat is a three storey house serving as a shop,demonstration kitchen and two floors of museum exhibition. Upon entering, you can watch the chocolate making demonstrations and then explore the exhibits, but I wanted to head out and sample the really good stuff. The competition for chocolate hunters is avid in Brussels, and it seems the more audacious your shop front, the more customers you have. The meringues in the window at Elisabeth (43 Rue La Beurre) were an eye catcher, but the silky smooth chocolate covered dates at Lawrence (23 Rue Des Eperonniers) were incredible. For a spot of tea with your afternoon nibbles, head to Laurent Gerbaud (2D Rue Ravenstein), where you can also sample fruit infusions whilst watching the chefs craft their masterpieces.