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There’s a new “Q” in the sky, Mr Bond…

Qatar Airways is about to change the landscape of the business class flying experience with the introduction of QSuites. Branding their latest product as “First in Business” this probably heralds the death stroke of the three class cabin. Do not for one minute think the QSuites are only suitable for windsor collared business folk; they look to offer a wide range of travellers comfort in the air thanks to some slick innovative features.

Qatar Airways will equip their newlydelivered B777 and A350s with the new cabin interior, whilst aggressively retrofittingaircrafts in current operation. So will QSuites offer that little bit more than other premium cabins? When it comes to stretching your pound or dollar per mile, we think it’s going to give you serious bang, for your buck.

Qatar Airways QSuite will offer ambientmood lighting, lie flat beds and closed doorprivacy. So far, so good. The cabins are designed in the quintessential colours of burgundy and gold, providing a sleek yet sophisticated look that blends in perfectly with the Qatar Airlines original insignia. The suites introduce a 1-2-1 layout, and all middle seats which are joined together can be made into a double bed. This is where it get’s interesting and for once you’re going to want to say no to the window seats (unless you are travelling alone). This makes it perfect for couples, and those travelling with young ones who want to get the little ones off to sleep pronto.

Imagine; you can literally have your three year old fall asleep in your arms 30 minutesinto the flight whilst reading the Gruffalo.Genius! The closed door privacy facility also comes with a ‘do not disturb’ sign, perfect for when an extra half hour sleep is needed during the breakfast rounds before landing.

For those seated in the middle rows, this is where it gets futuristic like a Quinjet than run of the mill business class. Here, the QSuitesoffer quad-configuration, giving thosetravelling in groups of four the chance tointeract and enjoy the flight together.Families can enjoy dinner together in comfort, with rows facing each other, while those travelling with colleagues can discuss “very important things” at a round table despite being a few thousand feet in the air. The QSuites also comes with NFC capabilities (start thinking Apple Pay in the sky) to go along with the onboard Wi-Fialready on many Qatar Airways flights.

A whole range of entertainment is available for those travelling in QSuites, with super wide screens ready to slide around if needed and provide you with the ultimatemovie marathon. Delicious signature dishes cooked by the airline’s best chefs will be served to guests, with a newly designed selection from which to choose. The suitesalso come with first class complementaryproducts which are more than handy for
a long haul flight.

“For those seated in the middle rows, this is where it gets futuristic like a Quinjet than run of the mill business class.”