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We have picked out a range of exciting water sports you must tick of the list this summer,ranked in skill and confidence level to make water sports accessible for all. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the waters and abundance of opportunity in your holiday destination that you may have not taken full advantage of before!


An ideal water sport for beginners, this calming activity will perfectly complement your holiday; paddle boarding. Many resorts offer free non-motorized water activities, but in other areas, this is an affordable activity in which you can immerse yourself into the open waters.


For those who wish for a more water contact-based activity, body-boarding is the answer, with the boards themselves readily available at most beach and souvenir shops sold for as cheaply as €10 around Europe. Now you have a board; it’s time to catch a wave, it’s no more complicated than that! Swim out as far as you wish using your board as an aid and turn back to face the glorious shore before jumping on and holding on tight as the waves carry you back.

With many locations offering the thrill of white water rafting from the U.S to the Philippines and Italy; why not give it a go?This sport will give a whole new meaning to the phrase “adrenaline rush”, therefore suitable for the more intermediate individual. This activity is ideal for groups, but if you are an individual and want to partake in this exciting opportunity, you can join other thrill-seekers making it another affordable water sport that you won’t regret spending on.

Deep-sea diving: a water sport slightly more difficult sport as it requires a strong swimmer and the ability to remain calm and sensitive to life below the water. You have to option to pay for an instructor who will guide your experience and spend time with you in the water. See a range of beautiful underwater scenery as well as anything from fish and crabs to sharks! We suggest the Indian Ocean, specifically Bali, to experience the colourful mesmerising depth of the waters. Deep-sea diving is a water sport providing surreal experiences to all who try it.

Surfing: one of the traditional sports of the water something we consider a must-try for the more experienced water lovers. A sport that takes precision and endless practice but once perfected glide gracefully at one with the wave crests. We recommend the Atlantic Ocean due to its powerful winds creating the ideal mighty waves. We recommend specifically Morocco where hiring boards is easily accessible on many of the main beaches. Get ready to soak up the sun on every wave you catch.

Many resorts specifically in The Maldives and Mauritius offer free water sports and non-motorised activities which can include snorkelling, deep-sea diving or surfing. Boards, helmets and breathing apparatus provided are also provided. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and experience the diverse use of the waters around you on your trip!