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Which type of Halal travel company do you need? With now our two brands successfully online and thriving we want to show our customers which sight is best for them and there travel needs, carry on reading to compare the features of each website.

If you’re looking for…

  • Face behind the booking– Our specialist sales team offer expert advice in the booking process adding a human aspect and also adding authenticity to your booking. Not only will you benefit from there knowledge they will guide you through any protocol and processes within your travel such as visas and forms to be filled out to make the whole process easy no matter how complex the trip!
  • Personalised service– With our one to one customer service your booking will be handled one to one with any questions and queries you may have.
  • Tailormade Service– We will work to base your trip on your specific requirements tailormade your needs and wants of your ideal trip as that is what we always aim to provide to our customers.
  • For more complex trips of 2 stops or more that may require customer service interaction to organise all details from transfers to multiple flights.

You’re a Serendipity user! Head to the serendipity website to start your tailormade service to booking your halal holiday for 2020!


If you’re looking for…

  • Faster information access and booking process- The high-speed sight allows for quick results and comparison of many hotels and yet included the ability to book both hotel, flights and transfers and even excursions all in one place.


  • The best last-minute deals– WIth its up to date information you here will find our best last-minute deals to be booked first come first served, ranging from 24-hour deals and under!


  • Halal-friendly filters-Our key feature and selling point of is the halal-friendly features filter the ability to select what you are looking for in your accommodation when you travel. Be it a private pool, halal-friendly food or alcohol-free, we allow you to scope out your ideal stay without reading all the fine print!


  • Inspiration Wall-Our website features a wall of social media inspirational photos of halal and Muslim travels to a range of destinations that we offer to give you an idea of where you’d like to visit with some interactive visual inspiration! You may find if you travel with us and tag you could feature on our inspirational wall and create the full cycle!


For more simple trips of two stops or less as the booking engine is build more theis type of booking .

You’re a Rihaala user! Head to the Rihaala website for your online booking and comparative site and start booking for 2020!