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We all love a bargain, right? What better time to book your summer holiday and save yourself from 6 weeks of bored kids. So we decided to compare the best deals to some of our most popular destinations and we’re going to show you how to save £1,390 on your summer holidays. We’ve chosen two resorts that serve halal dining options and have plenty to keep the kids busy

We compared the ever-popular halal-friendly holiday to Adenya Resort on the Alanya coastline with the One Resort Aquapark in Tunisia. We checked prices departing on the 18th July and the 12th August 2020 and you’ll be surprised by what we found so keep reading to find out.

First of all, let’s look at the two packages and what they offer. Both depart on either the 18th July or the 12th August, so most kids will be in their school holidays. Here is a summary of the comparison

The Destinations

Both great destinations in their own right with so much to see and do, so make sure you visit both at some point. If you combine Istanbul, then Turkey probably wins this one, but based on Alanya alone, we would have to give it to Tunisia. The smaller country means you can see much more in a week if you want to, the people are very friendly and it’s a shorter flight from the UK. The beaches in our opinion are more abundant in Monastir compared to Alanya and we much prefer the sandy beaches of Tunisia.

Flight Duration: Winner – Tunisia

Travelling with kids in particular means parents can dread the flight; how will they keep still for hours on end? The direct flight time to Tunisia is a shade over 3 hours, a third less flying time that to Antalya. Not bad when you’re flying to another continent #travelgram

Flight Timings: Winner – Tunisia

Both destinations are served by the popular low-cost airline Easyjet. Tunisia comes out top here however with much more sensible arrival times into London Gatwick (great for the kids) and compared to Turkey, you need to leave from one airport and arrive back into another (so much for parking the car)!

Hotel: Winner – Adenya Resort

Both hotels offer so much for the kids to do and play with all week. The One Resort has a dedicated Aquapark for guest use only and is huge! With two beach areas, a kids pool area and structured kids clubs, there is little chance they will get bored. The Adenya also has plenty of pools and slides to keep the kids happy and with the segregated male and female areas, mum can enjoy some peace and quiet whilst dad looks after the kids! 

The Adenya wins when it comes to having more Muslim friendly services, with its alcohol-free policy, separate areas for men and women as well as a family area and prayer areas both inside and on the pool area. The One Resort, like the Adenya serves a full halal buffet (no pork here) however does serve alcohol and doesn’t have any gender dedicated areas

Star Rating: Winner – Adenya

The Adenya is a 5-star property so it’s a pretty easy one to call. Whilst the One Resort is a 4-star hotel, the saving to be had by choosing a 4-star resort is substantial (keep reading to find out how substantial!). 

Transfer Time: Winner – Tunisia

The transfer from Enfidha Airport (the new one) to the One Resort Aquapark is an hour, even by the shuttle coach transfers making this perfect for families. The Adenya is a longer journey along the coast at 1 hour and 30 minutes which is fine in the day, but not great if your flight arrives at midnight into Antalya Airport!

Excursions: Winner – Tunisia

Tunisia has so much to offer visitors from the ancient Carthage in Tunis, meeting the local Berber population, the blue walls of Sidi Bou Said and the beautiful Great Mosque of Kairouan. However the highlight has to be the chance to visit the largest sand desert in the world, the Sahara. Alanya has some great sites to visit too like the Dim Caves, Alanya Castle and the Manavgat Waterfalls, however we think Tunisia just pips the vote here.

Most Insta-worthy: Winner – Tunisia

The beautiful Sidi Bou Said in Tunis

So in a new but obvs ‘more important category’, which one is more Instagrammable? Well, we think the blue roofs in Sidi Bou Said is the most Insta friendly shot we found in either destination. You can test your friends travel knowledge to see if they think you’re in Tunisia or Santorini! 

Price: Winner – Tunisia

So here is how you can save £1,390 on your summer holidays; simply choose Tunisia instead of Alanya. You’re getting plenty for the kids to do, shorter flight time and plenty of sights to see. Packages to Tunisia are available departing on 18th July 2020 from £2396 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children (aged under 12). Book by the 30th March and you’ll receive a FREE upgrade from a standard to a large room and the price includes a 20% discount. You can cancel for FREE before the 31st March 2020 and only have to pay £100pp if you can cancel before the 31st May 2020 giving you much more flexibility.

Here is a summary of both packages based on two adults and two children (under 12) travelling.

Tunisia Packages includes:

  • Return flights from London Gatwick to Enfidha with Easyjet
  • 7 nights at the 4* One Resort Aquapark in an upgraded Large Room
  • All-Inclusive basis
  • Return shared shuttle transfers
  • ATOL protection

Alanya Packages includes:

  • Return flights from London Luton to Antalya, returning to London Gatwick with Easyjet
  • 7 nights at the 5* Adenya Resort in a Standard Plus Room 
  • All-Inclusive basis
  • Return private transfers
  • ATOL protection

To book either of these trips, contact us on 0330 223 5758 or you can book the One Resort Aquapark online today by visiting this link

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