Where Can I Travel To Now?

Destinations which are not on the government’s quarantine list are safe to visit however this list is subject to change, so do monitor this. Currently, Turkey along with several other countries across Europe are allowing UK travellers to visit with no quarantine required upon your return home or a test required before travel. Check out our infographic below to find out where in the world you can travel to.



Can I Travel Long Haul?

Some countries are already open but the current rules mean you’ll need a negative PCR test pre travel and / or need to quarantine for 14 days on return to the UK. These include Dubai and Maldives where most hotels are open and accepting travellers from abroad. 


Do I Have To Wear a Mask On The Aircraft?

Face masks are generally mandatory in airports and whilst onboard flights (except when you’re consuming food or drink.


Are Hotel Buffets Open?

Majority have either stopped buffet dining in favour of a sit down a la carte service whilst others have kept buffets but items are handed on your plate by a member of the kitchen staff. 


How Flexible Are Hotel Bookings?

We recommend booking hotels on a free cancellation basis as much as possible. With the flexible deadlines these offer, in many cases you are able to cancel a hotel as late as a day before check in. If you’re unable to travel and a free cancellation isn’t possible then many hotels will allow you to change your travel dates to new dates in the future often within the next 12 months. 


What If I Can’t Fly?

If you are unable to travel then most airlines will either provide you with a voucher or allow you to change your travel dates as well. Some may also offer a full refund too depending on fare rules and circumstance


Are Hotels Safe?

Many hotels have implemented various measures to minimise the risks of Covid transmissions. Most hotels have introduced stricter housekeeping measures to reduce contact between staff and guests with some resorts also disinfecting luggage upon check in and other sanitising measures. 


Is Flying Safe?

Various health authorities around the world maintain that the risk of transmission whilst flying is very low due to the cabin measures in place on board. Planes have HEPA filters installed onboard in the cabins which are able to block almost a 100% of airborne particles whilst also circulating new air every few minutes. 


Shall I Book For 2021?

If flexible booking options are available then we recommend booking now for the coming year. Hotels have some excellent offers running currently as well as airlines too for popular destinations worldwide. Bookings for summer holidays next year are already open and busy with great deals over the school holidays.

Here at Rihaala, we’ve just launched offers for our Summer 2021 programme to Turkey. These include deposits to book of only £99 pp which are fully refundable till 31st May 2021. CLICK HERE to see more information 

What Can I Do To Be Safe Whilst Travelling?

Minimise the number of surfaces you come into contact with at airports, onboard the plane etc. It is said a window seat is ideal onboard as you interact with less passengers than if you were in the middle or in an aisle seat. Cleaning seats and surfaces onboard with wipes where possible is also recommended.