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With all that is going on globally, we wish to look for positive headlines that you may not know of or that are being shunned due to the current climate. Let’s reveal in the happiness we can.

Comment on what you think of this weekly news format and a bit about what you’d like us to feature over this period. Are you on lockdown? If so where are you, let’s unite through the power of technology in the time we need it most, keep connected.


Claps for the NHS

People around the UK have taken part in a “Clap for Carers” tribute to those working for the NHS helping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Pe with Joe – “The body Coach”

Another positive to come out of COVID-19 is the online PE classes provided by fitness influencer Joe Wicks, completed by millions across the globe striving to keep fit with their kids, get involved with his classes from- Monday-Friday 9 AM bright and early set your day off right.

COVID-19 patient aged 103 recovered and released from care Wuhan China!

Despite having chronic bronchitis this 103-year-old lady was treated in hospital for 6 days and has now be cleared and sent how recovered from COVID-19.


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