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Whether it be a long haul or short haul flight you’re likely to be wanting a light bite or even a meal, with a range of purchasing options from the aircraft itself, the airport’s cafes and restaurants to go or your hand-packaged goodies. Here are a few tips to bear on mind the next time you plan to eat on your journey to your halal trip.

Food is loud!

As much is can’t help when chewed food makes sound but avoid that family size bag of Doritos bear in mind those trying to work, sleep or those you struggle with Misophonia the anxiety response to repetitive sounds such as loud chewing or pen clicking. Try to stick to quieter food, don’t overthink it, the best test is, could I hear a film over me eating this food item, if not maybe leave that one for when you return!


You may love its aroma but others may not!

They sell everything from many cuisines in many airports around the world not this doesn’t mean their rich scent is flight friendly! That thai curry or spicy chicken wrap may not be highly favoured by your fellow passengers with us all sharing the same sphere for however long it’s better to be aroma conscious! Take a look at the inflight menus with a long list of food none are particularly spicy or strong tasting purposely from lasagne rich and creamy but not with much or a harsh sent to pastries of many descriptions mostly a faint smell if not chocolate and who doesn’t love that!

You’ve only got half and arm lengths space…

They may sell enough for a three-course meal at the airports these days that doesn’t mean you’ll have space for it all! Remember you have a tray table width of the room in the economy and most of this is taken up by your drink, aim for small packed food items that can be eaten separately and nothing to elaborate!


So in future be aware of your food choices to aware of your fellow passengers. Head to the bottom to find other relevant blogs or or website to look at booking that flight now its on your mind!