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You’ve booked your ticket, made your travel arrangements, and are now excitedly waiting for your holiday to begin. Going on holiday is always an exciting time. Whether you’re travelling alone, with family or with friends, a holiday is the
perfect time to unwind, reminisce and bond. While your holiday will likely be full of adventurous activities and days of exploring and discovery, there are a few travel items that you’ll need to consider taking with you for your much awaited trip. Making sure you have the necessary travel accessories is a must. Not only will you need a variety of items to help keep you occupied and comfortable during your travels, but you may also find these items come in handy once you’ve reached your destination.

Before flying out or starting your journey, make sure you’re well prepared. Remember, you’ll beaway from your home for a week or two, maybe more, and you’ll be limited compared to what you’d normally use on a daily basis. Making sure you pack the very essentials is just as important as making sure you have your travel documents on you. Pack wisely and always consider whether there’s a weight limit you need to stick to.

Safety first

Never have to worry about your personal belongings again. While most luggage sets come with a standard lock, why not be one step ahead and purchase a sturdier luggage lock? There are so many different types of locks available, with more than enough well known and tested brands to help you make your decision. It’s always best to be safe than sorry, and we highly recommend you take the extra measures at looking after your luggage.

Keep your feet warm

Ugg Fluffy Flip Flops are perfect for those moments when you just want to feel cosy and at home. You would think they were better for the snow rooms, but designed for both hot and cold climates with their soft,fluffy feel and temperature-regulatingmoisture-wicking properties, these slippersaren’t just for the home thanks to a flexiblerubber outsole. Keeping your feet warm and comfortable can also help reduce swelling and cramps that are a known problem for those travelling on a plane for long hours.

Peace & quiet

Airplanes can be awfully noisy! Apart from the plane itself making noise, you’ll probably be seated and surrounded by hundreds of people that may not be so considerate of their noise level. Noise cancelling headphones and earplugs are a must if you want to relax and get some shuteye. Being able to block out the noise around you will be a big help if you want to relax and watch a movie or listen to somemusic. You’ll also find it much easier to sleepwithout the extra noise of the plane and people chatting.

Keep entertained

If you’re on a long flight, your seat shouldcome with its own small TV where you canenjoy the in-flight movies, games and music.However, there’s no harm in packing a goodbook, (or two!) your tablet or laptop filled withmovies and things to do, or any other form ofentertainment suitable for the flight. Make sureany gadgets you have are fully charged beforeboarding the flight, and have a power bankready in case you need the extra battery.

Protect your passport

The Aspinal of London passport cover was awarded “Best Quality” by the Sunday Telegraph. Each Aspinal Plain Passport Coveris individually handmade from the finestTurquoise lizard print Italian calf leather, linedin moire silk and finished with a contrastgrosgrain ribbon marker. The front coveris embossed with “PASSPORT” and there’s a handy inside pocket for storing your boarding pass. You can even personalise your wallet with your initials!