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No matter how exciting travelling can be, one thing most people dread is the long haul flight. While most airlines provide inflight entertainment, there’s a limit to how many times you can watch the same movie or play the same game over and over again. Apart from the boredom factor, comfort isn’t always easy to achieve when sitting for hours on end, especially when you’re limited for space. Being bored is one thing, but being uncomfortable is even worse, especially when the two go together. In this edition of Checklist we’ve come together to provide the latest and coolest in-flight gadgets that may just help you get those extra hours of sleep and comfort while on
your next long haul flight.


Keep your drinks and iPad in place. Designed to hold your beverage or gadget in place without the need of an open tray, The Airhook allows passengers the extra space they need while securely keeping things in place. Easily hook The Airhook to the closed tray table on the back of the passenger seat in front of you using its adjustable wire and clip, and enjoy a flight with more room and less spillage!

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Most people enjoy the window seat as it definitely provides breathtaking views, however, have you ever thought there was so much unused space that could be put into good use? spAIRtray measure in at 12 x 4 x .25 inches is a clever, foldable carry-on and it’s ridiculously easy to install. Simply insert it into the window shade track and you have a non-slip travel shelf to keep your phone,drinks, and favourite book at your fingertips. £18.40 available at


Long haul flights mean hours of sitting and little physical activity. Because of this, the lack of moving around can result in increased risk of blood clots and uncomfortable, swollen feet and

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to invest in compression socks. A good pair of compression socks specifically suited for travelling can help regulate the blood flow in your body reducing the risk of blood clots and swollen feet.

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The lightweight, scarf shaped travel pillow is made with a unique internal support system that provides better support for your neck and head compared to the traditional U-shaped pillow. The stylish pillow could easily be disguised as a scarf making it the perfect accessory for those travelling during the cold season.

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With the Foot Hammock by SmartTravel, allow your feet to enjoy comfort. All you have to do is hang it around the tray table around the seat in front of you, adjust its straps and put your feet in it. Apart from increasing comfort, the foot hammock also helps reduce swelling and aids your circulation.

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