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Our new online booking halal friendly website Rihaala is quick and easy and formatted for your ease, we are going to show you just how quick you can sort a last minute halal holiday! With a range of halal friendly hotels an airline options we are able to bring this together at rihaal making muslim travel easier than it’s ever been all just with the touch of a button !

By Destination

Sort by destination quickly filter through via the destination menu toolbar as show below select to be quickly taken to our best offers in said destination to find your halal holiday. You will be directed to the destination page with a range of images and information about weather popular attractions and muslim friendly level and at the bottom of the page direct links to offers in that destinations.

Trip Type

Or rather you can filter through style of trip you are hoping to take such as city break to beach holidays to female only experiences around the globe. he perfect feature if your not sure of the ideal destination but know how you’d like to travel . We understand each traveller is different and you may know no how you like t travel whether that’s part of a an organised group or solo we will support you fully in finding a halal holiday fitting to your requirements and needs.

Get Inspired

Head to the inspiration wall to say a range of photos from fellow modest travellers exploring the world and get inspired to pick a destination for you! You may see an attraction that draws you to it or simply the look of their culture and cuisines. But take time to look through our many images which link straight through to deals of said destination to find flights and hotel perfect for you.

Know your stuff

For those of you know enough already and may be looking for a certain hotel or wish to scroll straight through all the main hotels of a destination of your choosing head to the search block in the centre of the home page and specify the nature of your trip whether your looking flights/hotel only or both combined along with your destination of departure and destination if not specific hotel name. You will now be directed to a range of results, see below how to filter out for specific muslim friendly features you may look for in your hotel.

Halal Hotel Filters

On the left toolbar once a range of hotel options has appeared, you can now filter though for rooms with no alcohol or even hotels that are halal properties offering halal food as standard. Base it on your location and being close to a mosque or prayer facilities to make modest travel to be ever easier with our groundbreaking new halal hotel feature, aiding you to personalised comfortable Muslim travel of the globe this 2020 and beyond!


Head to and sign up to receive a £25 voucher towards your first trip and with the option of signing up to site notifications of updates on flash deals on the site and the best deals for your halal holiday. If you’d like to get some inspiration or just be assured of our muslim friendly travel knowledge have a look around this blog we recommend our latest travel quiz also to help determine your key necessities and common denominators that you choose when picking a destination.

With a range of ways to get inspired and get clued up on what you want for your next halal holiday be it solo, with family and friends or with one of our organised group tours, head to rihaala today to start your modest journey today!