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Known as one of the best airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines continues to amaze the travel industry with their refined travel experience. Bringing home multiple awards annually, the flag carrier of Singapore is often among the top 5 best airlines in the world. This 2018, Singapore Airlines was yet again awarded the Airline of the Year Award at the Skytrax World Airline Awards, and for more reasons than one. Being the first airline to fly the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the A380, the 38 year old company has set the standard high for modern passenger comfort, spaciousness, and more personal storage.

One of the A380’s known top features is their first classfacilities and outstanding amenities that make flying that much more special. Despite already providing a comfortable and luxurious experience with their first class seats, Singapore Airlines decided they were ready to up their game even more. The new A380 Suites creates a world of your own for yourself and for a partner. Offering both Suites and Double Suites, those travelling with Singapore Airlines will be able to enjoy a smooth, and once in a lifetime in-flight experience. Complete with reclinable seats that freely swivel, your own bed where you can lay down and get a good night’s rest, privacy and the best of in-flight technology. What’s more is that guests travelling on the A380 Suites have the opportunity to touch up before they touch down with their lavish lavatories complete with sit-down vanity counters, an exquisite range of toiletries, and more.

Private screening has become even better with a 32” touchscreen monitor in high definition paired with noisecancelling headphones. Sliding doors that screens the outside world away creates your own personal and private space, while window blinds close at the tap of a button. The capacitive controls on the credenza and your handheld wireless tablet put everything at your fingertips making all your needs just a tap away. The A380 Suites is wall to wall comfort, from the hand-tufted carpets to the ultra-leather padded compartments and the ensuite wardrobe. With Singapore Airlines A380 Suites, for once, you’ll wish the flight was longer.