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Is there anything as quintessentially English, or Chinese, or even Moroccan as a cup of tea? It’s not difficult to agree that tea is the universal offering for warm hellos and lazy afternoons around the world. Its many forms appeal to almost every nation, but your bog standard English breakfast and green teas are being left behind by relative newcomers that are stirring up a revolution. From hibiscus to matcha, the new array of teas are here to stay and you don’t always have to travel far to find them. Here are some of our favourites from around the world.


Casablanca by Patisserie Vivel (Dubai)

This light, fruity drink is a traditional blend of green tea from China, expertly blended with mint leaves, rose and orange blossoms. It is very popular in northern Africa and ideal for any time of day, although we particularly like to sip it from delicate China teacups after dinner.





Flowering Dragon Eye by Jing Teas (London)

Jasmine, amaranth and marigold are expertly matched to create a trulyspectacular flowering tea. Watchingthe bulb unfurl is a mesmerising treat, and one best enjoyed when you have time to fully appreciate it. Don’t forget the glass teapot and cups to show it off to your friends!


Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea powder by Fortnum&Mason (London)

Delicately smooth, with bold flavour notes of green grassand seaweed, matcha has long been considered the tea of choice for the discerning green tea-drinker. Now this acquired taste is fast acquiring new fans in every corner of the globe for its unique colour and bouquet.Made from Gyokuro, a shaded Japanese green tea variety, F&M’s Matcha is a ceremonial grade quality tea, one of thefinest grades available. An incredible amount of care anddetail goes into ensuring only the highest quality leaves and superior tools are used, ensuring every cup is a delight to the palate.

Tales of the Orient by Quinteassential (London)

This wonderful Rooibos tea is combined with honeybush, mango,
lemon peel, pink and black pepper to create a unique medley of flavours.
This bold tea goes perfectly with petit fours, but we also like to drink it cold and create a unique virgin mojito with the delicious flavour.


Hibiscus Tea by Steuart’s Tea(Melbourne)

Beautiful, bold hibiscus tea, also known as rosella, is gaining popularity worldwide for its health giving qualities. It is reported to relieve high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as speeding up the metabolism
to help with weight loss, and calming anxiety, amongstother benefits. We love its tart cranberry flavour andunique vibrant red colour, particularly mid-morning when we sometimes need a pick-me-up.