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Discover the heart and soul of Morocco at the beautiful Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay, the perfect beach retreat for family holidays, romantic getaways, and Muslim honeymooners. If you’re looking for a private holiday where you can unwind and relax with your loved ones, then you’ve come to the right place! The Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay offers their guests a spectacular and luxurious halal-friendly stay, with various facilities and amenities that will make you want to stay longer! Take a look and be amazed withwhat this outstanding holiday destination has in store, and get ready to pack your backs and fly the skies to this perfect, luxurious escapade.

Situated on the northern western coast of Morocco in Tamouda Bay, the Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay offers an amazing holiday getaway for those that want the extra privacy, yet still have the chance to explore, enjoy, and mingle with fellow guests and the locals. Focusing and paying tribute to the region’s Andalusian-Moorish legacy and Moroccan heritage, the Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay expresses their love for their said legacy and heritage with various luxurious designs and landscapes throughout the resorts grounds. The courtyards, verdant gardens, fountains and reflecting pools are all special parts of the resorts tribute to the amazing legacy and Moroccan heritage Morocco has to offer.

Not only is the paradise-like resort a luxurious and heartwarming place, but the various facilities the resort has to offer are truly eye-opening for those that want the up-most privacy throughout their stay. All pool villas are available throughout the resort offering guests the ultimate privacy they may seek, while those that want to explore and mingle with others can use the outdoor pools and loungers that are available within the grounds of the resort.

Other amazing services that guests can take advantage of are the famous Banyan Tree Spa, internationally known for its amazing and professional services, and luxurious and relaxing treatments; a library is also available for those that want a lazy day in, while certain gadgets are up for rent for those that want to entertain themselves in a different way. If you’re travelling with kids then the resorts kids club may come in handy; trustworthy and professional staff members will take your bundles of joys off your hands for a while as they indulge themselves in energetic and fun activities, while you and your partner can spend some quality and much needed time together.


Relax in the privacy or your own luxurious pool and Jacuzzi under the sun.

When it comes to your villa for your overnight stay, you’ll be happy to hear how luxurious the resort has planned out their villas. Enjoy your nights in at the Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay with your very own king sized bed complete with pillow selections for the ultimate and much deserved power nap! Villas have their own private living area and private pool, while a beautifully furnished and spacious garden awaits your outside your villas door. Two bedroom villas are also available for guests with families and/or friends, with separate bathrooms, beautiful scenic views, a private pool and garden, and lastly your own private Jacuzzi and outdoor dining area.

From precious luxurious rooms to the amazing landscapes and scenic views, the Banyan Tree Tabouda Bay offers the perfect getaway for those looking for a top of the range holiday destination. Halal food is also available at this paradise resort, while alcohol free rooms and female and male only spa treatments is another plus. There are also mosques nearby for those that want to explore and keep in touch with their religious side.

If you think that the Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay may be the place for you, or if you have any questions or inquires on this or any other resort/hotel and destination that we have available, then please feel free to contact us straightaway and we’ll happily get back and help guide you through the exciting process of planning your ultimate luxurious, and halal friendly holiday!