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France is a diverse destination with natural beauty and charming culture to be explored. Paris, the heart of France is a charismatic and eclectic city that is home to many cultures and cuisines. The elegant capital is highly accommodating to the Muslim traveller with several mosques and halal friendly restaurants that are easy to find. However, if you prefer a more laid-back vibe, you can head south towards Provence's beautiful coastlines and ample sunshine almost all year round. Don't forget the magnificent French Alps which offer a wide array of sports from mountain biking and hiking to zip lining and treetop camping. Walk through the lavender fields of Provence’s countryside hills or explore Nice’s coastal region and you will find tranquillity in France’s captivating scenery. From Nice why not visit glamorous Monaco in under thirty minutes by train, the home of the Grand Prix: one of the most famous races in the world! Or simply stroll the cobbled stone streets of Montmartre, known as the city of love Paris is a charming honey moon destination for Muslim couples. Not just love in excess but also History and Art with over 1,200 Museums in France its bursting with culture to share.

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  • Time Difference: GMT +1 hours
  • Capital: Paris
  • Currency: Euro
  • Flying Time from the UK: 1 hours direct
  • Visa: Not required for UK citizens
  • Our Highlight: Exploring the French Riviera

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We have carefully selected a list of highlights and must sees when visiting the bountiful country of France. The Eiffel tower which you can view from a range of locations around Paris for free! One recommended place is the seventh floor of the department store Galeries Lafayette, where in which you can enjoy the beautiful city of Paris with a mocktail in hand admiring the gorgeous sunset. Provence is somewhere you can really indulge in French culture.  Meet the locals and shop fresh produce and flowers when visiting Provence’s markets. Nimes holds a well preserved historic city centre; carrying one of the largest remaining Roman arenas. An interesting historical site which the kids will likely have learnt about at school, they will have an ultimate show and tell on their return! 

Lastly Mont Saint Michel in Normandy is a small island located 1km into the sea. Something of a fantasy family experience to explore, enjoy and for you budding photographers to capture something truly enchanting.The world-renowned Louvre the home of the Mona Lisa cannot be missed. If art will bore the kids why not try history? Several of France’s most significant monuments have great historical influence. The Arc De Triomphe a magnificent sight created by Napoleon to honour to the French army, situated on the Champs-Élysées Avenue a large street filled with boutiques and shops you can also spend your time touring too! It's ideal for Muslim Families; with activities catering to a range of ages and interests in Frances versatile culture.


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Muslim Friendly Amenities

France is home to around thirty-three million Muslims, therefore halal friendly dining can be found not just in Paris but also cities including Lille, Provence and Marseille. 

Finding halal friendly local cuisine is attainable with a range of restaurants in various locations, few listed and highly regarded on TripAdvisor. From Lille's L'escapade with reasonably priced meals between €8-€18 to Marseilles Oprovencal mastering in miniature sweet desserts as well as a complete halal menu. Lastly Alambra Restaurant et Traiteur Halal another brilliant place to enjoy an authentically French menu in St Denis just outside Paris, a steakhouse and alcohol free establishment. This is not only a restaurant but also as male and female prayer facilities on site.
Mosques are also abundant and beautiful in France, home to over 2,300. The Grande Mosque de Paris is the largest in France, located in the fifth arrondissement and visited by many due to its architecture and fascinating history. Each mosque varying in capacity and design , therefore some are busier and highly populated compared to others which are private and visited mostly by locals.
You can fly to Paris from London with Air France and British Airways and request halal meals in advance. Alternatively, you can fly to Paris and Nice on Emirates with halal meals as standard. 

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