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Italy is abundant with unusual nature and microcosmic towns alive  with varying cuisine and cultures of their own, coming together to form the heart of Italy itself. The people are friendly, mostly patient and helpful with tourists as many are bilingual and entirely welcoming to guests, due to 63 % of the Italian economy is reliant on tourist spending.With three active volcanos including the well known “Vesuvius” just north of Naples, there’s more to this destination than picturesque ports and pizza. Rome is its capital and full of Italy’s greatest sights and historical monuments: it's a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn about its ancient history which the city is wrapped in, an invaluable family experience. Milan adversely the most industrial area of Italy and is also one of the worlds fashion capitals, hustling and a buzzing city of creative innovation also an ideal visit for the solo Muslim traveler, much like the city of Paris its highly modern.

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  • Time Difference: GMT +2 hours
  • Capital: Rome
  • Currency: Euro
  • Flying Time from the UK: 2 hours direct
  • Visa: Not required for UK citizens
  • Our Highlight: Discovering the Colosseum in Rome

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There are copious sights and experiences, yet we have carefully chosen to highlight the differences in culture between the various key locations in this thriving country. Rome home to the great coliseum the area known as timeless and quaint. Similarly, Tuscany is known for its few traditional medieval towns such as Montepuliano. Independent travellers and travellers of creative inclination must visit Florence the Italian birthplace of incredible art, Michelangelo and Da Vinci both once lived here and the area sets a record to have more Museums/ art galleries per mile than any other. Families will feel ease into Italian culture, as the people are helpful and friendly and family is an integral part of day to day life for Italian people. Sights ideal for families includes The leaning tower of Pisa which is an eccentric highly visited building an ideal family experience you’ll be in awe of this impressive structure. Then why not scan the streets in search of Italian cuisine which will be perfect for the children, their cuisine so widespread we all know you’ve tried it and likely enjoyed it. For an exciting Trip with friends or a halal honeymoon treat, visit Milan Italy’s most modern city one of the world fashion capitals home to Armani and Prada here you’ll be in Shopping paradise. 

Despite Italy as a destination being highly religious of the Catholic belief, they are still accommodating to Muslim lifestyle and access to halal isn’t a problem, its easier to access in towns such as Rome, Florence and other greatly visited towns and cities due to being catered for more mostly with tourists in mind. If you're looking for somewhere to enjoy local delicacies’ such as Italian pizza try Luna Caprese, with a selection of halal options including the pizza. Reportedly they provide a true Italian atmosphere: friendly with a passionate chef, providing soft drinks and water for competitive prices for the area of Rome, make to the most of this visit not just to experience classic Italian cuisine but get your money's worth in the process. Another must in Italy is to try Gelato created by the Italians in the 16th century a twist on ice cream with a base of custard and cream this delicious dessert is mostly halal friendly. Il Gelato di San Crispino, Piazza della Maddalena serves a range of different sizes affordably priced, the owner is said to be happy to instruct those flavours that are alcohol-free to be sure they are halal friendly.A family friendly environment you must treat yourself to on yet another beautiful day in Rome. There are many gelato Gelato facilities around Italy including Gelato di Natura - San Giacomo dell’Orio/ Santa Croce, Italy/Gelateria Gentile-Viale del Tirreno Italy. One last Italian culture shock is Anonymous Trattoria Gourmet , just a 10-minute walk from Naples scenic port, known for there incredible pasta dishes again native of the country and a delicacy with over 300 pasta variety’s in utterly alone., The facility is affordable with prices ranging from  €9.90-€49 (£8-£42) this restaurant isn’t halal but has a vast menu with naturally halal meals which are vegetarian and well flavoured and just another taste of this flavourful countries rich cuisine. 


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Muslim Friendly Amenities

There are around 20 Mosques Italy approximately 5 of these are scattered about Rome. Yet there is a range of Hotels that cater well for Muslim families and lifestyle such as Villa Monsu Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy Which has halal meals on request as well as provides private use of the pool for you and your family. Similarly, Hotel Ai Cavalieri di Venezia, Calle Borgolocco is extremely secluded with a beautifully decorated interior yet well connected and only a 14-minute walk from Venice’s city and Gonadal galore and submerse yourself in the kingdom like island and its exciting, colourful culture.

Turkish Airlines have a professional halal chef aboard each long haul flight, so they take halal as a priority and for short haul flights the whole menu halal is standard. Again British Airways alongside many other airlines fly to and from Italy, British airways provide halal meals upon request up to 48 hours before your flight is due to depart.

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