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Being a resort town, Muslim travellers can expect to be taken away by the beautiful halal friendly hotels and resorts Marmaris has to offer. Well connected to surrounding cities and ancient ruins, Marmaris has an important role alonge the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. There are plenty of day cruises available when visiting Marmaris, something most tourist opt to do, especially for those wanting to explore some of natures breathtaking points, and Marmaris's history. 
Halal food in Marmaris is not a problem, and Muslim families visiting will easily be able to find a restaurant serving their favorite dish. There are also plenty of mosques in Marmaris allowing Muslims to take part in Jummah.

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  •  Time Difference: GMT +2 hours
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Flying Time from the UK: 4 hours direct
  • Visa: Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) required
  • Our Highlight: Explore Marmaris Castle and Museum

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Marmaris Castle: Marmaris Castle and the Archaeology Museum is the only huge historic landmark and the only museum in Marmaris making it a place you have to check out. It is believed that Marmaris Castle was first built by the Ionians (1044 BC) and later on repaired during the era of the Alexander the Great.The walk around the castle is not only breathtaking with it's fantastic views, but the ruins are also fascinating.

Marmaris Mountains: Admire the beauty of Marmaris from up above! Marmaris Mountains is the perfect hike for those looking for an adventure outdoors. Admire peaks, valleys, and the ridge of the mountain as you explore the woods the mountain brings. 
Turkish bath: Hammams and Turkish Baths are very popular in Turkey, just as it is in Marmaris. There are plenty of options for Muslim couples to enjoy the baths and spa facilities in the many resorts and spa centers, while female only areas are also available depending where you go.

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4 Reasons Marmaris is the Ultimate Spot for the Muslims

Rich History: Marmaris boasts fine architectural sights and has a lot to offer when it comes to ancient history. Home to some of the most remarkable Christian and Muslim sights, a history freak will find all his dreams coming true in Marmaris.
Delicious Food: Be it from the fine dining restaurants or the street stalls, Turkish cuisine is to die for! Some of the food items like Baklava, Menemen, and Kebabs are famous around the world. Enjoying the authentic tastes in Turkey is nothing less than an absolute delight.
Segregated Pools: Most of the resorts have segregated pools, which give Muslim women the liberty to enjoy their stay. They can easily swim and hang around in a burkini without the fear of their modesty being compromised.
Mosques: There are plenty of mosques in Marmaris, including  Haci Salih Efecik Mosque, Camiavlu Mosque, Merkez Yesil, and more. Locating the mosques is not difficult as they are placed along the main areas of the city.