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No other country in the world is as misunderstood as Saudi Arabia yet, no other country is as worthy of a visit. For the Muslims, travelling to Saudi Arabia is nothing less than an honour and a privilege as it is home to Holy Kaaba. Makkah alone hosts around 2-3 million people in a year because of the hajj and umrah pilgrimages.

With no match to its Prophetic significance, Saudi Arabia has the best Islamic attractions as it is the birthplace and spiritual home of Islam. On the other hand, the carved temples of Madain Saleh and the intricate rock art at Jubbah are the kingdom’s most-valued pre-Islamic treasures. 
During the last couple of years, a few laws have been softened, especially regarding women, which facilitate Muslim travellers as well. Apart from attaining spiritual heaven in the two holy cities, you can explore other parts of the country to enjoy the spectacular views of the mountains, indulge in table-groaning feasts, and see the splendour of the deserts.
If you’ve chosen to visit Saudi Arabia for your halal honeymoon, there’s no better start to your marital bliss than a pilgrimage to the house of Allah. From spending your days in the remembrance of God to visiting the most sacred sites in Islamic history, this halal travel is nothing but a Muslim’s deepest desires coming true.

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  • Time Difference: GMT +3 hours
  • Capital: Riyadh
  • Currency: Saudi Riyal
  • Flying Time from the UK: 5 1/2 hours direct
  • Visa: Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) required
  • Our Highlight: Spending the day visiting Taif

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Makkah - Only accessible to Muslims, Makkah is the most important city in the world for them. It is a lifelong dream of any Muslim to visit this place and go through the overwhelming experience of laying their eyes first time on the sacred Kaaba. The other interesting places to visit in Makkah are the Makkah Museum and Jabal-e-Noor, which is climbed to see the famous cave of Hira where the prophet used to come for worship.

Madinah - The resting place of Prophet Muhammad, Madinah has the friendliest people in the world. The Prophet’s Mosque is one of the most renowned in the world and Muslims from all over the globe visit this place to pay regards to the messenger of Allah. It has another famous mosque, Masjid al-Qibtain, which is a landmark in the Islamic world. While Madinah may not be your ultimate shopping spree destination, the AlRashed Mega Mall stays open quite late and can be a relaxing spot.
Jeddah - Jeddah serves as the traditional gateway to Makkah since the former doesn’t have an airport. It is the most fascinating city in the Kingdom with its cosmopolitan feel and liberal aura, which are not present in any other part of the country. Visitors should make Jeddah their first stop during their Muslim holidays to experience the magnificent Red Sea Heritage, the bustling feel of the city, the calm coastline, and some fantastic halal-friendly food items. 

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3 Reasons to Visit Saudi Arabia

Islamic Heritage - There is no other place in the world which depicts the life of the Prophet and the early days of Islam in a better way. You can find the most splendid sights here and see the places where the most iconic moments of Islamic history took place.

Food - No one stays hungry in the two holy cities! With the people pouring their hearts out in serving the pilgrims coming here for their Islamic holidays, one can enjoy the most delicious food in both the harams. Since the places receive the most tourism, the hotels and restaurants are lined with all kinds of cuisines.
Cultural Interaction - The pilgrimage brings people from all races and all parts of the world together. You will come across various ethnicities and experience the true essence of Muslim brotherhood. One can also learn about the eccentric traditions and customs practised in different parts of the world.

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Best for Premium Hotels

Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah - With 19 floors, 656 generously sized rooms, and 25 suites, this hotel would ensure that your stay in the holy city is as comfortable as possible. Performing the pilgrimage is already an intensive task, so one would need to stay somewhere which can serve to be a good resting place to restore the energy.

Shaza by Kempinksi Madinah - Set in front of the haram, you cannot go wrong in choosing this hotel as your accommodation in Madinah. One can easily reach the mosque at the time of the prayer and indulge in a 5-star experience as well.

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Best for Muslim Families

Anwar Al Madina Movenpick - In Madinah, there is no better place than Anwar Al Madina Movenpick for families to stay. It is directly linked to the shopping mall at the base and is located adjacent to the Prophet’s Mosque. It is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the most delectable food in the city.

Swissotel Makkah - If you are on the pilgrimage with your family, this hotel would be a wise choice because of its closeness to the mosque and spacious rooms. It has two restaurants so you won’t have to go through the hassle of searching for a good place to eat.

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Best for Convenience

Hilton Suites Makkah - The comfort and luxury are remarkable in Hilton Suites Makkah, and to top it all, it also provides a view of the mosque and the holy Kaaba. The hotel has all the facilities and will serve as a place of tranquillity during your halal-friendly travel.

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Best for Access to Al-Haram

Royal Dar El Eiman - Located right next to the Al-Haram Mosque, it fulfils the worshipper's desire to stay in such proximity to the place which is the most important for him. It is an epitome of luxury and is equipped with all the amenities imaginable.

Intercontinental Dar Al-Hijra - This five-star palace holds a prime location in the heart of Madinah and is only 300 metres away from the Prophet’s Mosque. With expansive accommodation and a variety of Asian and International cuisines, this is your perfect spot to reside in the city.