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Tips to keep yourself safe in the sun

1)Use sunscreen

We can’t stress enough how important it is to apply sun lotion. Whether you’relooking to get a tan or not, too much exposure to the suns rays isn’t healthy for our skin, and can even cause skin cancer. Apply a reasonable amount every 2 hours for best results.

2)Limit sun exposure

Limit the amount of time you spend under the direct sun. It’s best to enjoy direct sunlight in intervals, while taking breaks every now and then in the shade. While staying under the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, too much exposure isn’t heathly.

3)Stay hydrated

Probably one of the most obvious, yet one we tend to forget. Staying hydrated is so important when enjoying the sun. Heat strokes are very common and can attack adults and even children of all ages. Make sure you stock up on your water supply and have enough with you at all times. Becoming dehydrated can cause serious issues.

4)Wear protective clothing

While you want to enjoy as much of the sun as you can, wearing a hat can be a great to help you keep cool and prevent your head and eyes from the direct sunlight. Even a light shawl can come in handy for those that don’t want to be exposure for too long.

5)Treat your skin gently

When it comes to the products you use, it’s recommended to use soaps, lotion, and other products that are gentle to your skin, meaning they do not have strong ingredients in them. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, many products can do more harm than help due to the toxic ingredients.